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Sash Window Renovation

Sash Window Restoration, Repair and Renovation


The Detailed Assessment

Following your enquiry with The Alpha Sash Window Company we will arrange for one of our experienced surveyors to visit your property and carry out an assessment of your sliding sash windows. A report detailing the proposed works will then be provided. Once this is accepted by yourselves, a suitable date will then be arranged for our experienced craftsmen to carry out your renovation work.

Our Renovation Service

Our skilled craftsman then carefully remove the sliding sashes from the sash window box individually checking the condition of all timbers, cords, glass and pulleys. Any decaying wood is then removed to reveal sound timber ready for repair. We use a special two part epoxy resin to make the repairs and this is molded exactly to the existing design of your sliding sash window.

Where any timbers are beyond repair the original design of each component will be exactly replicated by our craftsmen within our very own joinery shop (avoiding the likelihood of delay should this work be out-sourced). Renovation of the sliding sash window is then completed with the renewal of all sash cords, servicing of the sash pulleys and careful adjustment of the add sash weights to ensure a "like new" operation of the window.

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