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Sash Window Draught Proofing

Our Super-Glide Sash Window Draught Proofing System

We take your old sash windows and make them beautiful, draught proofed and smooth to use.

With modern technology and traditional craftsmanship, we have developed the Super Glide Draught Proofing System, which eliminates the typical problems that prevail with sash windows – noise pollution, draughts, rattles and poor operation of the sashes. The system is available as part of our renovation service.

Why should you draught proof a sash window?

Simply put, you can reduce airflow around a sash window by as much as 98% by installing draught proofing.
All the gaps around a sash window amount to a significant 'hole' in the window, on an average sash window this amounts to something around a 25cm2. Not only does this gap allow air in and out, it makes the window rattle and allows noise in. Draught proofing easily takes care of all these problems and we install it into almost every window we work on. Draught proofing reduces noise by around 50%, weather-related moisture, dirt and pollution. Government energy saving policies allow us to charge draught proofing work at only 5% VAT, making draught proofing more accessible to everyone. A professional system will instantly save you 15-20% in heating costs. Sash windows can be a little tricky so its well worth letting a professional do it.

How does draught proofing my sash window work?

Draught proofing is the least intrusive solution to lost heat from a sash window. Our draught proofing system fills the gaps with a high quality and long lasting brush pile, forming a barrier against all weathers. Keeping noise, pollution and air outside, and keeping heat inside. Once installed it will instantly make your sash windows significantly more efficient. We've spent years researching the perfect brush piles and our is guaranteed for 15 years. It holds the sashes firmly but gently and allows them to open and close with ease. We've developed our draught proofing system to be completely invisible (inside wooden beads and rails) making it perfect for listed and period windows. You won't require any permission for installing a draught proofing system into your sash windows, conservation officers and English heritage highly recommend it.

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